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  sheet metal nesting cad cam software solutions

Sheet Metal CAD/CAM & Nesting Software Solutions
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SS-DRAW FORM - Deep Draw Development Software For AutoCAD

SS-Draw Form is an advanced draw form development system that assists the designer with the creation of complex cylindrical and rectangular shells or the evaluation of existing shells. The intuitive dialog interface enables the designer to quickly define the primitive components of the basic shell and apply dimensional data. SS-Draw Form develops the blank area and diameter along with various drawings and solid models of the newly created shell. SS-Draw Form uses a reduction database to assist the designer with calculating the maximum percentage of reduction for cylindrical shells. SS-Draw Form will parametrically layout all preliminary draws and a finish draw while taking into account needed angles of corner radii of the draw forms. The percent reduction, material and thickness database can be easily modified to perform calculations based upon user knowledge and experience.

Key Benefits

Integrated with AutoCAD, the world's most popular CAD software.
Quickly create cylindrical shells as either 2-D profile, 3-D wire-frame or 3-D solid.
Quickly create rectangular shells as either 2-D profile or 3-D wire-frame.
Creates estimated pre-form flat blanks for cylindrical and rectangular deep drawn shells.
Automatic calculation of maximum material reduction.
Automatic calculation of required number of draw operations for cylindrical shells.
Complete library of materials.
Full user control over deep draw process.
sheet metal draw design software

sheet metal cad cam software

SS-Draw Form Brochure (PDF) 

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