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  sheet metal nesting cad cam software solutions

Sheet Metal CAD/CAM & Nesting Software Solutions
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Data Sheet

STRIKER Service Data Sheet
Data Sheet

SS-PROFILE - CNC Software for Laser, Plasma, Oxyfuel, Waterjet, Router

SS-Profile is a full featured CAD/CAM software solution for programming CNC laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, waterjet, router, and other two-axis cutting machines. The extensive feature set of SS-Profile CAD/CAM software allows it to adapt to the specific needs of any sheet metal organization; from a single-machine job shop to the largest production manufacturer.

Add automatic nesting to SS-Profile with SS-Nest, Striker’s comprehensive sheet metal nesting software. The combination of SS-Profile and SS-Nest delivers unsurpassed sheet metal CAD/CAM and nesting software technology.

For additional information on SS-Profile or any of the STRIKER Sheet Metal CAD/CAM products, please contact Striker Systems. We will be happy to consult with you about the specific needs of your sheet metal organization. We also invite you to visit our Presentation Portal for in depth demonstrations of the entire STRIKER Sheet Metal nesting and CAD/CAM software product line.

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SS-Profile Key Benefits

  • Fully automatic and interactive control over all aspects of the CNC profile cutting process including tool-path application, lead in/out control, tool-path optimization, and more.

  • Machine Drivers available for virtually all CNC profile cutting machines including laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, and waterjet machines. Integrates with SS-Punch to support hybrid laser-punch and plasma-punch machines.

  • Automation support including Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), Production Cells, and Part Sorting Systems.

  • Interactive nesting included. Automatic nesting available offering interface to your MRP, ERP, or other production scheduling software.

  • Unsurpassed Flexibility. Easily incorporate part or process revisions.

  • Direct interface to Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, and Solid Edge.

  • Uses the industry standard AutoCAD DWG file as the native file format. This eliminates proprietary files that can’t be opened by any other software.

  • Available as a stand-alone application or, for AutoCAD users, as a plug-in to the latest AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical software.

SS-Profile Feature List

The following partial feature list is intended to provide a more thorough look at the capabilities of SS-Profile CNC cutting software. Although comprehensive, it should not be considered all inclusive.

Please contact Striker Systems with specific SS-Profile CAD/CAM feature questions.

Advanced CAD Features – Unlike many punching solutions that offer rudimentary design capability, SS-Profile provides a powerful CAD solution. SS-Design is bundled with every SS-Profile purchase, so the features of SS-Design should also be considered when comparing product features.

PARTshare – The precision sheet metal industry has rapidly embraced solid modeling technology. SS-Profile takes full advantage of this technology by including the PARTshare module with every SS-Profile purchase.

Automatic Tool-Path Assignment – The tool-path represents all of the information necessary to generate the NC program. This includes cutting parameters and lead-in/out information. The  tool-path is easily added to a single part, a group of selected parts, or an entire nest job. This can be an interactive process of selecting the part(s) to process, or fully automated during batch import of CAD files or nest job processing.

Material Based Cutting Parameters – Cutting parameters are associated to a specific material type, thickness, and length of cut. This allows SS-Profile to create NC code optimized for your machine and cutting requirements.

Material Based Leads – SS-Profile provides extensive control over lead-in and lead-out operations. The type, size, and default location of the leads can be dynamic based on specific part criteria. Lead definitions can be associated to specific materials to optimize lead selection.

Multiple Process Support – SS-Profile supports multiple processes to automate such operations as laser etching. Each process can be set up with its own set of cutting parameters. The process can then be associated to a specific CAD layer name. If that layer is encountered during tool-path application, the associate cutting parameters are automatically applied to the objects on that layer.

Modify Cutting Parameters – Although cutting parameters are initially assigned based on shape and material properties, it is a very easy process should it become necessary to adjust the cutting parameters on any existing tool-path.

Modify Lead Parameters – Although leads are initially assigned based on shape and material properties, it is a very easy process should it become necessary to adjust the lead type, size, or location on an existing tool-path. Changes to lead parameters can be limited to the selected shape, or globally applied within the selected part.

Lead Location Override – SS-Profile includes a batch lead location override that allows movement of leads to a common location on selected part(s).

Automatic Tab Placement – It may be necessary to leave tabs on parts for a variety of reasons including keeping smaller parts from tipping and introducing a collision potential, to keep parts from warping due to heat build-up, or to hold parts into place on non-flying optic machines. Regardless of the reason, SS-Profile offers both automatic and interactive placement of tabs. In an automatic mode, tab parameters are dictated by the material properties. The number of tabs placed is user configurable based on the size of the shape to be tabbed.

Spline/Ellipse Conversion – When processing CAD geometry it is not uncommon to encounter spline objects. A spline object cannot be interpreted by a machine, and therefore must be converted to equivalent line/arc geometry. SS-Profile includes an automatic spline conversion feature that operates within a user-specified acceptable tolerance.

Drop Door Support – Parts can be automatically dropped or interactively assigned a drop door definition. In an automatic mode a drop door definition can be assigned to a part based on part size. This definition includes the push out distance, therefore insuring proper part ejection.

Bridge Cutting – Bridge cutting is a technique of continuous cutting of external contours with a single pierce. It creates a small tab (or bridge) between adjacent parts enabling the CNC cutting machine to quickly cut each part without lifting the head. This can significantly reduce pierce times thereby improving machine throughput. SS-Profile automates the bridge cutting process on selected parts or an entire nest job.

Chain Cutting – Chain cutting is a pierce reduction technique where all internal contours are first processed and then external contours are cut in a chain operation. The lead-out of each part continues cutting to the lead-in of the subsequent part.

Automatic Corner Ramping – For optimized cut quality, SS-Profile provides automatic detection and adjustment of cutting parameters when cutting around corners.

Corner Looping – Corner looping is a means of improving cut quality on sharp corners of external contours by cutting beyond the edge of the contour, performing a loop, and reentering the contour on the subsequent edge.

Common Edge Cutting – Common edge cutting makes a single cut between two adjacent parts that share a common line. Common edge cutting can significantly reduce the number of pierces and cutting length required.

Automatically Grid Parts – Quickly grid parts based on quantity requirements or sheet size. Output NC program as individual parts or a part macro.

Reposition Support – For machines with automatic sheet reposition capability, simply activate the automatic reposition control and sheet repositions are assigned to process contours that fall beyond the machine cutting limits.

Work Clamp Support – For CNC machines with work clamps, SS-Profile provides full support including automatic placement with collision detection.

Cut Sequence Optimization – SS-Profile provides cut sequence optimization of both internal contours and part to part. Both automatic and interactive optimization utilities are included. This minimizes machine travel and improves throughput.

Head-Down Processing with Collision Avoidance – The process of lifting the head on a CNC laser to move from one cut to another can add significant process time to a nested layout. Ideally the laser head would remain in the lowered position as it moves from one contour to the next; however, in the event that a previously cut shape has tipped the potential for a head collision is introduced. To overcome this issue and minimize machine runtime, SS-Profile includes head-down processing with collision avoidance. Lead locations are analyzed along with cut sequence and a new path is calculated that minimizes part crossover. The laser head is then operated in the lowered position except where absolutely necessary for collision avoidance.

Tool-Path Viewing/Simulation – SS-Profile provides numerous utilities to view/edit the tool-path on individual contours, on parts, or on multiple part nested layouts.

Setup Sheet Creation – At the time the NC program is created, SS-Profile automatically creates a report with the desired information for machine setup. A report template is provided to adjust that output to your organization.

DNC Communications – SS-Profile includes DNC communications software to handle basic requirements. For more sophisticated DNC implementations Striker Systems offers SS-DNC, a comprehensive NC program transfer system.

Reverse Engineering (Back Plotting) – SS-RevEng can be added to SS-Profile to facilitate reverse engineering needs. Existing NC programs can be read and recreated in the SS-Profile workspace.

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